14k/20 Gold filled bead approx. 6mm
  • Ca. 6x5mm
  • Rijggat ca. 3.8mm
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Beads with large hole beads

Beads with a large hole beads are a special type of beads. They have the same look, the same format and the same color as other beads. The big difference is indeed the size of the hole beads. Normal lacing holes are not more than 1 mm, at most 1.5 mm in diameter. Often normal lacing holes even smaller than 1 mm in diameter. Beads with a large hole beads, however, have a cross-section which is often larger 2 mm. If you combine these beads with a big hole beads simple beads have even chance that your regular beads disappear into the hole beads. That part can take out of your design but generally is not desirable.

Beads with a big hole beads are usually combined with such small beads. Beads with a big hole beads are typically used for tough rugged design. The remaining beads have, therefore, a somewhat larger size. They are ideally suited to tie or string on strings or ribbons. These cords and ribbons can be obtained in different kinds of material. Think of leather and silk but also thicker wire sizes are appropriate. A single bead on a spang can also be very beautiful. Beads with a big hole beads strung on a ribbon whereby knots between the beads in the ribbon are placed gives the ribbon a somewhat more rugged look.

By Ilona's take a look at a lot of different beads with large hole beads. Real gemstone beads with large hole beads as howlite, turquoise, jade, jasper and lapis lazuli. Ilona's is they are both round, tons of shapes and forms discus. Even large freshwater pearls with a diameter of 10 mm are available with a large hole beads. These are very suitable to hang ribbon.
What newer beads with large hole beads fashion beads are Swarovski style faceted beads. These beads are available in multiple colors and have a really big hole beads; about 4 to 5 mm.