Diopside beads split fine around 3-5mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Streng ca. 40cm
€7,95Incl. tax €6,57Excl. tax
Diopside beads split app. 5mm
  • Streng ca. 84cm
€14,04Incl. tax €11,60Excl. tax
Diopside beads split approx. 14-9mm
  • Streng incl tussenkraaltjes ca. 42cm
€10,40Incl. tax €8,60Excl. tax


Diopside beads are brilliant shiny beads made from the colored gemstone Diopside (also called diopsied or diopside). Diopside beads were already used in jewelry in ancient times. Nowadays they are back again and the beautifully warm colors of the diopside beads can no longer be thought out of our fashion image.

How does Diopside get its color?

The typical green shades are caused by the presence of chromium or iron. Diopsied also exists in other colors like blue, brown, gray, purple, white and colorless. In our web shop you will find mainly greenish diopside varaint of this bead. From light grayish green to uniform forest green or beautiful pistachio green. The natural green hues of diopside makes this stone type unique. Some diopside beads resemble emerald beads with their powerful green color. You buy diopside beads with us for only a fraction of the price of emerald beads. That makes these beads so popular. Process diopside in your jewelry and you have a beautiful piece of jewelry that is particularly suitable to wear on special occasions.

Where does the name of Diopside beads come from?

The name diopside is derived from the Greek words 'di' (double) and 'opsis' (appearance). This refers to the optical phenomenon in which the light is split into two bundles by double refraction of light in the gemstone. This ensures that the stone always has a different color when viewed from different angles. You keep looking at this eye-catcher again and again.


The working of Diopside beads

Diopside makes you happy and lets you fully enjoy the little things in life! The stone not only stimulates memory but also stimulates creativity. Diopside facilitates the release of negative emotions and stress. Diopside has a positive effect on inflammation, the hormone system and the circulatory system.


With which sign do the beads belong?

The Diopside (gem) belongs to both the zodiacal sign and the Scorpio.

Have fun with this special breed.


-xxx- Ilona