Seraphinite bead bracelet approx. 7.5mm AA quality
  • 100% Natuurlijk
  • Maat armband ca. 17cm
€41,95Incl. tax €34,67Excl. tax
Seraphinite beads round approx. 7.5mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Streng ca. 40cm
€45,95Incl. tax €37,98Excl. tax
Seraphinite beads round approx. 7mm AA quality
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Streng ca. 40cm
€74,95Incl. tax €61,94Excl. tax
Seraphinite beads around approx. 10mm
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • iets maatverschil tussen de kralen
  • Streng ca. 39cm
€69,95Incl. tax €57,81Excl. tax
Seraphinite bead bracelet round approx. 8.5mm AA quality
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Lengte ca. 17cm
€49,95Incl. tax €41,28Excl. tax


Seraphinite beads are cut from the stone with angel wings. The gray to dark green Seraphinite beads owe their name to the subtle silver feather pattern in the stone that is very similar to angel wings. It reflects the flaming beauty of the wings of the Seraphim. Seraphim are angels of love, light and fire. The level of the Seraphim is the highest in the angelic realm.

The Seraphinite bead consists of a form of the clinochloric mineral. You will find Seraphinite of gemstone quality of which the Seraphinite beads can be sharpened only in eastern Siberia, Russia. So definitely not 13 Seraphinite beads in a dozen!


The Seraphinite bead as Eye-catcher

Seraphinite (also called Serafina or Seraphinite) is one of the most famous healing gems of our time. It is often claimed that Seraphnite encourages contact with angels. Thereby it can bring people to a higher spiritual level. Seraphinite is a popular stone in meditation. Our Seraphinite beads are therefore very suitable for making an original pendulum. Because of the beautiful appearance of our Seraphinite beads they are also widely used to make jewelry. The silver-colored feather patterns reflect the light. This gives the Seraphinite beads a brilliant shiny effect. A real eye-catcher!

Combine it

It goes without saying that the silvery patterns in the Seraphinite bead in combination with silver pieces of jewelry are beautifully combined. The Seraphinite bead also combines very well with the beautiful play of colors of deep blue / green nuances of our Labradorite beads.

And much more is possible of course. Sniffle 24/7 between our gemstone beads for a combination to your own taste.


The operation of the Seraphinite bead

Seraphinite is seen as a powerful healer of body, mind and soul. The stone gives energy and ensures that it can flow well. It promotes a positive, loving attitude towards others and yourself


The Sign of the Zodiac that belongs to the Seraphinite bead

Seraphinite belongs to the constellation of Sagittarius.