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The whole world is under the spell of the Corona virus. In the news, we see that more and more countries are obliging the use of mouth masks outdoors. In addition to the guidelines that the cabinet has drawn up in collaboration with RIVM, the use of such a mask is an additional way to protect yourself and your environment against this new virus. Do you want to order face masks directly at the lowest possible price? You can do this through our webshop

Huge scarcity in mouth masks

Face masks are hard to come by in the Netherlands. It would be ideal if we could just pack them at the supermarket while shopping. Just like in China. Unfortunately this is not possible here. We do a lot of business with companies from China and other parts of Asia and every time we speak to our contacts there they are amazed that we don't all wear face masks here as soon as we go out. In fact, they really don't think we can deal with it so 'lax' here. This got us thinking. Because the last thing we want is for us or the people around us to get sick. If we can reduce the risk of illness by wearing face masks, why shouldn't we?

Adequate mouth masks in Asia

Face masks are hardly available in the Netherlands. However, we hear from our gemstone bead suppliers in Asia that there is still plenty of stock there and that they are happy to send them to us. That is why we now regularly include face masks with our shipments of beads and jewelery parts. So that we can at least protect ourselves and our loved ones against the Corona virus (COVID-19).

We have decided to also offer the mouth masks to our customers. Importing from Asia yourself is not an option for most people because the numbers are too large. That is why we offer to order them through us. In this way we contribute to controlling the coronavirus and more oral masks end up in healthcare.

Order CE certified mouth masks

The masks are CE certified and meet strict European standards. They are packed per 50 pieces and are suitable for single use. After use, you should throw away the mouth mask. Make sure you take it off carefully. Do not touch the mask, grab it by the rubber bands and then wash your hands carefully.

Note: the use of mouth masks is an extra measure to protect yourself against the Coronavirus. In addition, observe the guidelines of RIVM.

Order mouth masks

Ordering masks is easy in our webshop . The mouth masks are packed per 50 pieces and are shipped for free. Due to the enormously high transport costs from Asia, the price can fluctuate, but of course we always keep the lowest possible price.