Sterling silver divider 3 row
  • Ca. 9x3.5x2.3mm
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€1,50Incl. tax €1,24Excl. tax
Vermeil verdeler 2 rij app. 8x2x0.5mm
  • Ca. 8x2x0.5mm
€0,22Incl. tax €0,18Excl. tax
1 Coral beads/verdeler 2 rij
  • Ca. 24x8mm
€0,64Incl. tax €0,53Excl. tax
1 Rose Vermeil verdeler 3 rij app. 11x8x1.5mm(Zi54-12)
  • Ca. 11x8x1.5mm
€1,59Incl. tax €1,31Excl. tax
1 Rose Vermeil verdeler 4 rij app. 16.5x9.5x1mm(Zi54-17)
  • Ca. 16.5x9.5x1mm
€3,62Incl. tax €2,99Excl. tax
Ca. 150 pieces tin distributor / spacer 2nd row
  • Ca. 7x4x1.2mm
  • Verzilverd
  • Rijggat ca. 1.0mm
€3,10Incl. tax €2,56Excl. tax
Sterling silver divider 3 row
  • Ca. 10x4x2.5mm
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€1,95Incl. tax €1,61Excl. tax

beaded dividers

Would you like to make that beautiful bracelet or necklace with a double row of beads that always remains perfectly? Use a beaded dividers. This thread can easily between the beads. Just make sure you have the same number of beads between the dividers on both sides. Very simple very simple but a great result. You can also easily attach an ornament to lock the beads distributor. Here I used the distributors on the one hand and one eye on the other two or more eyelets.

Beads distributors in various models and materials

Do you want to distribute beads for your jewelry? Which can. For Ilona's Silver & Gemstones in its collection beaded dividers with two, three, four or five rows. They come in a variety of different materials. Whether or not fen bullion. There are beads distributors of Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, Vermeil, Rose vermeil but also of tin. The material and shape you will use are of course highly dependent on your design. But plenty of choice for a tight or a romantic design.

Coral beads distributors

Of course not lacking in our beads distributor collection coral beads distributor. These coral beaded dividers are available to us only in a two-row beads distributor.

Beads distributor buy online

Did you finish the design for your bracelet or necklace? Whether or not coral. It does not matter. But you will quickly start to make your jewelry. Then order the beads distributors for five hours. We pack as the beads distributor for you. So you most likely tomorrow to get started with the beads distributor.

Have fun!

-xxx- Ilona

Tip: Do not inspiration but you still want jewelry. Please have a look at Beads Mania under the heading inspiration.