Silver plater: Cash in yourself 50ml
  • Eenvoudig in gebruik
  • Fantastisch resultaat!
€21,72Incl. tax €17,95Excl. tax
Silver plater: Self-plating 150ml
  • Eenvoudig in gebruik
  • Fantastisch resultaat!
€41,95Incl. tax €34,67Excl. tax
Silver Enhancer
  • Poetsmiddel
  • Niet schurend
  • Ook ideaal voor verzilverde items!
€31,40Incl. tax €25,95Excl. tax
Silver care set
  • Topper! Complete set
  • Zelf verzilveren-
  • onderhouden én beschermen tegen aanslag
€119,95Incl. tax €99,13Excl. tax
Jewelry Solution 150ml
  • Sieraden reinigen
  • Holland Hallmark
€14,02Incl. tax €11,59Excl. tax
Copper / Brass Cleaner extra storng
  • Gebruik is super eenvoudig
  • wrijf op en poets uit
  • Holland Hallmark
€15,40Incl. tax €12,73Excl. tax
Cleaning Plate
  • Ideaal voor het verwijderen van aanslag op grotere artikelen
€26,95Incl. tax €22,27Excl. tax
1 pair of silver polish mittens
€14,65Incl. tax €12,11Excl. tax
Polishing file
  • Fijne korrel
  • Blauwe zijde 600
  • Witte zijde 3000
€2,05Incl. tax €1,69Excl. tax
Oxidiere dein eigenes Juwel
  • DIY Black Plated sieraadonderdelen
  • Voor het zwarten van zilver
€6,25Incl. tax €5,17Excl. tax
Mini silver cleaning cloth
  • Klein en handig
  • Niet wassen!
  • Klik voor staffelkorting
€6,83Incl. tax €5,64Excl. tax
Mini silver polishing cloth *********** Free *********
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  • Max. 1 gratis per bestelling
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Self cashing & silver polish

Give your jewelry or jewelry items a luxurious look with a nice layer of real silver. Self cashing jewelry is ideal if you like to make silver jewelry, but have a limited budget. Or if your favorite parts are not available in a silver or silver-plated version. then just themselves go to work! It is not difficult and the result is amazing. Also this silver jewelry that is not as nice look, again as good as new show out. Give your jewelry a second life!

Self cashing jewelry

Do you hear like a compliment on a silver necklace or bracelet from a friend or better still nice colleagues at work? That is because with cash this way much cheaper. An ornament of Sterling silver 925 is nice but too expensive. Therefore, this beautiful alternative. redeem themselves is not only more economical it is also fun and exciting to do if you make your jewelry. This way you can still reap much more admiration for your homemade jewelry.

Self cashing & silver polish online

I've made you curious? Would you tomorrow redeeming your own jewelry design itself? Or do you want that beautiful necklace, bracelet or ring that you've been too long not behave again shine beautifully. Then order the mini silver polishing cloth, silver polish (Silver Enhancer) or the Silver plater so you can redeem himself for five hours. We guarantee that we are ready for you to get started and send redeem the Silver plater so you can jewelry itself same day to you. And if anything bothers you tomorrow you started.

If you still have a question about self-redeeming your jewelry. Or on the silver polish or silver super handy wipes. Mail us. We provide the quickest response. A bell is also possible.